GI Fulfil Your Nutrition

GI  Fulfil Your Nutrition

Fat Burning With The Proper Nutrition

We often gasp at the prospect of trying a new diet program. Please focus in for a minute on the word “diet.” What comes to mind? Low calorie foods, low carbohydrates, and no fat. Without a doubt there many different variations regarding what constitutes an effective diet program. Some of these include no carbs, low carbs, or slow carbs. Also, there’s no fat, some fat, or a lot of fat. Then there’s no protein, low protein, or all protein. Where is a person who wants to lose weight and burn fat turn? What nutrition, that’s right, I said NUTRITION, not DIET program is the best for you? Do you want to sample a wide variety of tasty food that takes care of burning the fat and provides the proper nutrition to kick start your metabolism.

When we’re searching for the right NUTRITION program for your needs, we must always start with the basic function of human physiology. All of our nutrition needs are based around metabolism. Again, let me say, metabolism “rules the roost” in our bodies’ gastrointestinal physiological (GI) processes. Remember back to your basic high school biology class and recall the three main purposes of the GI system: 1) circulation; 2) secretion; and most importantly when battling weight, 3) digestion and motility (basically this means how the body consumes energy). When we eat, we’re basically consuming energy. The types of energy (food) that we consume effect how the body responds from a physiological standpoint.

Alright, let’s take a break from the technical and shift to the practical. There are two ways that our bodies can process food: store it or burn it. Pretty simple isn’t it-that is it sounds simple. If you’re like me and don’t like guess work when it comes to nutrition, you’ll need guidance. We all want to turn our bodies into fat burning furnaces. Finding the right program to build that fat fireplace is the key. We also need a program that is simple and easy to implement that provides the right foods at the right time and results in a nutritional plan that is actually tasty and not bland. There are some very basics that all metabolic nutritional plans that actually burn fat have in common: 1) watch the sugar! Just because it’s low in fat doesn’t mean that a lot of sugar is alright; 2) mix up the food. The human body has a tendency to adapt to the same routine. To be effective, you’ve got keep your GI system guessing; and 3) keep it user-friendly. Find a nutritional guide to work for you and not the reverse. People are very busy and don’t have time to cater to their diet plans. Their nutrtional plans need to cater to them.

It’s a confusing world out there, however, there are plans that take the guess work out.

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